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Private property towing can be defined as the action of towing a vehicle on private property. Some of the reasons for private property towing include:

1. Parking violations – Unpaid parking tickets can result in your vehicle being towed away to the nearest impound lot.

2. Posted parking signs – Failure to read specific signs posted about towing away a vehicle at the owner’s expense.

3. Failure to meet safety regulations – Do not park in areas that are known for towing removal. For example, private parking lots, driveways, fire lanes, and/or handicap sections.

Certain times of the day and Holidays allow for parking generally, while others do not permit parking under any circumstance. This actually means that certain areas can be a tow-away zone at specific times and not at other times. In other words, BE SURE to read the posted signs very carefully to avoid having your car taken away without your consent.


If a vehicle is on someone else’s private property you would need to contact the city impound. The city impound would be licensed to remove the vehicle without the owner’s permission and they have many lots to store the vehicles which have been towed away.

However, if the vehicle has no engine motor, wheels, or other vital parts that are required to help the vehicle function, the owner of the vehicle legally has about 24 hours to get his/her car removed from the property before the owner of the property can contact the Police Department.


If your car has been towed without your permission, start by confirming the following three things:

1. Make sure there are no parking enforcement signs posted around the area.

2. Make sure the sign is visibly clear and is not being blocked by anything.

3. Make sure that the posted sign is not smaller than 17 x 22 inches.

If you find yourself in a situation where any of these apply then it is highly likely that the parking space your vehicle has been towed from is being used for what is known as “predatory towing” which is the action of a towing company illegally removing vehicles for profit.

Find out which impound has your vehicle as soon as possible. Every day it is parked in their lot, you will be charged more and more fees.


Emergencies can occur anytime and in some rare circumstances, there actually is a perfectly justified reason for an illegally parked car. Getting your car impounded is one of the worst things you can experience as a driver. This situation tends to make people violent. So if it is at all possible, try and communicate with the owner of the vehicle before contacting someone to remove it from your property. Though you may not have had bad intentions, many problems follow after a car is impounded. There is a high probability that the owner’s vehicle can be damaged while being hooked up/towed and there are also many incidents reported of the vehicle owner’s belongings being stolen from inside the owners illegally parked car.

Needless to say, nothing makes a driver more furious than thinking their car has been stolen, only to find out a “good neighbor” has called their local impound. The high cost of getting the car back from the impound may not mean anything to the person requesting the impound, but for the owner of the vehicle he/she’s life may drastically change. Please do the right thing and think about it before contacting the city impound for help.

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